Levan Mindiashvili is a Georgian born visual artist living and working in Brooklyn and Tbilisi. He holds his BFA in Sculpture from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and MFA in Crossed Media from The National University of Arts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among his awards is Commission Grant for Public Art Projects from National Endowments for Arts (New York, 2014) and Emerging Artist of 2011, Movistar Arte Jóven (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He was a resident artist at NARS Foundation for Spring/Summer 2018 season, Brooklyn, NY. 

His works had been included in recent group exhibitions at the BRIC Biennial Vol.3, Brooklyn; The 7th Beijing Biennale, China; Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi; Super Dutchess, NYC; ODETTA, Brooklyn; Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia; Arsenal, Kiev; Tartu Art Museum, Estonia; Recent solo and two-man exhibitions include “Non_Place” at SFA Projects, NYC; “Here” at Georgian National Museum, Mestia; “In-Between” at State Silk Museum, Tbilisi; “Unintended Archeology” at The Lodge Gallery, NYC;

His works are in public collections of Georgian National Museum, State Silk Museum (Tbilisi) and National Art Museum of China (Beijing). 


Mindiashvili’s practice explores the transitional, liquid state of historically accepted social forms and paradigms, question “canonical,” given truths and revisits the notions of place, identity, gender, and history. Focused on in-between, transient conditions, his work itself can be placed in interstices between sculpture, drawing, tapestry, and painting. Hand-produced pigmented hydrocal sculptures visually and superficially mimic found concrete remnants from construction or archaeological sites and become the surfaces for charcoal drawings and paintings; they comment on the fragility of the sense of place and the ever-expanding virtualization of the image in current society. Hand-altered, jacquard woven tapestries explore possibilities of the work to exist fluidly in various physical bodies from sculpture or a painting into the textile and sometimes back into three-dimensional objects. (Jacquard, a semi-computerized loom, operates with digital files, thus actual weaving is done by hand, where each weave responds to one pixel). Being conceived as individual pieces, his works are interconnected in deep dialogue with each other, creating one whole – yet temporary – setting, that could be rearranged and reformulated for each new presentation



2008-2010 Postgraduate Studies in Crossed Media, IUNA (National University of Art of Buenos Aires) Argentina;
1997-2003 Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts; 


2018 NARS Foundation Studio Residency (Spring/Summer season);

2011 Emerging Artist of 2011. Movistar Arte Jóven 2011, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 

2010 The 3rd Award for the Drawing, Premio Museo Metropolitano, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 


2019 "89.19", ERTI Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia (forthcoming)

          "I Should Have Kissed You Longer", TAF'19, Tbilisi, Georgia;

2018 "In Search of the Miraculous", NADA Miami;

2017 “Here”, Georgian National Museum | Mestia Museum; 

2017 “In-Between”, State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia;

2017 “Shifting Identities”, The Lodge Gallery, VOLTA NY; 

2015 “Suites For Unintended Archeology,” The Vazquez Building, Brooklyn, NY; 

2014 “Borderlines”, The Lodge Gallery, New York City, NY; 

2013 “Whispers,” ArtArea Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; 

2013 “Urban Identities,” Kunstraub99, Cologne, Germany; 

2011 “Intimidades Mobiles,” NES Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 

2009 “Levan Mindiashvili • Performances,” curated by Sophia Kilassonia, Europe’s House (part of ArtIsterium 09, II International Forum of Contemporary Art) Tbilisi, Georgia; 



"BRIC Biennial Vol3", BRIC, Brooklyn NY;


“Non_Place: Levan Mindiashvili, Grant Wells,” SFA Projects, NYC;

“Down The Line…” NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY:

“What We Loved Was Not Enough,” Super Dutchess, New York, NY;

"Tbilisi, Tbilisi", Project ArtBeat, Tbilisi, Georgia;

“Fluid Currency,” NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY; 

“RE:21 This Is Not Here,” Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, NY;

“The Border No.1,” The Border Project Space, Brooklyn, NY; 

“Hot Stuff,” ODETTA, Brooklyn, NY; 


The 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China;

“Exploring Spaces – Contemporary Art from Georgia”, Katara Art Center, Doha, Qatar; 

“True Believers”, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY;

“Limits of My City”, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi;


“Shaping Identities,” Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia; 

“Precarious Constructs,” Venus Knitting Art Space, Brooklyn, NY;

“Eco Impulse,” Tbilisi Literature Museum, Georgia;

“Future Memory,” Art Villa Garikula, Georgia;

“Night Intervention” Uta Bekaia + Levan Mindiashvili, State Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia; 

“Shaping Identities,” Arsenal Museum in collaboration with Georgian National Museum

“Contemporary Art Gallery,” Kiev, Ukraine;

“Green,” The National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;

“Unintended Archeology, Levan Mindiashvili + Uta Bekaia,” The Lodge Gallery, New York City; 

“Aesthetics of Repair in Contemporary Georgia,” Tartu Art Museum, Estonia;

“All The Future’s Parties,” Hathaway David Contemporary, Atlanta, Georgia;

“(extra)Ordinary,” organized by FIT, The Hollows, Brooklyn, NY;

“A Room of One’s Own: An Exhibition”, The Clemente, New York City, NY; 


“Structures,” The Manny Cantor Center, New York City, NY;

“Kiosk,” ODETTA, Brooklyn, NY;

“HERITAGE,” RichMix Arts Center, London, UK; 


“Crossing The Boundaries.03,” AT388, Rotterdam, The Netherlands;


“HERITAGE,” Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia;

“For Which It Stands,” The Lodge Gallery, New York City, NY;

“Crossing The Boundaries.02,” AT388, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 


“MAN/kind,” 32 Jones Gallery, Jersey City, NJ;

Summer Show, Fundacion Mundo Nuevo, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

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Artist Books, UADE (Argentina Business University), Buenos Aires, Argentina;

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“Negro Barocco,” Encontre Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

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“Heterodoxa01,” Salon Dorado, Teatro Roma, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

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“International art road _ Kunst aus 4 Kontinenten,” Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, Germany;

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“The Lost Ones,” Gallery Universe, Tbilisi, Georgia;

“Georgian Visual Art,” National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia; 


“Tbilisi Impronte,” Gallery Borgo Arte, Borgomanero, Italy;

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“Kunst Aus Georgien.03,” Gallery CultiG7, Mannheim, Germany; 


“Figurative Art Studio.01,” Gallery Universe, Tbilisi, Georgia; 


“Kunst Aus Georgien.02,” Gallery CultiG7, Mannheim, Germany.