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VOLTA NY 2017 | Booth D22 The Lodge Gallery

uprintingmailing_guide [Converted]The Lodge Gallery is pleased to present a solo booth of Levan Mindiashvili at the Volta NY 2017.

March 1 -5, | Booth D22

Pier 90 | W 50th Street at 12th Avenue, New York

Preview March 1, 5-7 pm

Vernissage March 1, 7-10 pm

Public Hours March 2-4, 12-8 pm | March 5, 12-5 pm


More info: VoltaNY

contact: info@thelodgegallery.com



KIOSK, recent works by Linda Cunningham and Levan Mindiashvili at ODETTA Gallery

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ODETTA Gallery


new works by
Linda Cunningham and Levan Mindiashvili

November 13, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday November 13, 2015

229 Cook St, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Linda Cunningham and Levan Mindiashvili share a deep admiration for the language of buildings and surfaces in ruins, both ancient and modern. Well traveled, they have spent time touching these walls, and have read from their destination’s kiosks. This tactile knowledge filters back into their work in torn pages, layers, metallic bits, and shards of information, precariously juxtaposing ancient against industry, governments and the onslaught of Nature.


Linda Cunningham – Unexpected materials, found and manufactured, perch precariously on torn edges and bifurcated sheets of large paper. Here, fluid calligraphic lines are posed against the veracity of photo-transferred images and the tactile sensibility of history emerges. The deteriorating, hulking remains of the Ruhr Valley coal and steel industry, or abandoned waterfront areas in the Bronx, are both cautious and optimistic as they succumb to the vitality persisting in vulnerable stands of old trees.

Linda Cunningham is a New York City based artist who exhibits extensively both in New York and Germany. Her work was recently reviewed in the blog sites, IndigogoandLifestyle.com and Art-Nerd.com reviewed her “”Urban Regeneration II was recently exhibited in two locations at Westchester Square in the Bronx.

Her recent installation, originally created for No Longer Empty at the Bronx, Andrew Freedman House was installed at the Bronx Museum in 2014 in an exhibition sponsored by all the Bronx Arts Organizations. Recent solo exhibitions include Abington Art Center, Philadelphia, the Fundacion Euroidiomas, Lima, Peru, and the StattMuseum, Cologne Germany. Monumental public sculptural installations & alternative memorials are permanently sited in Cologne, Kassel, Bad Hersfeld & Cornberg, Germany, and Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey. She is the recipient of grants from the Bronx Council on the Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship, Berlin, Arts International Kade Collaborative Works, and the John Anson Kittredge Foundation.

Levan Mindiashvili’s new works are based on the exploration of public and private spaces, their origins, their dependence on one another and their influence on contemporary society. How does one regain their history, their truth? Mindiashvili offers a window into reconstructing his country’s history by more poetic means. His beautiful paintings with altered archival photographs of Tbilisi, Georgia’s architectural landmarks are placed against dark minimalist canvases, epitaphs to the question of what is real and what is not.

Levan Mindiashvili is a Georgian born visual artist currently living and working in New York City. After graduating from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, numerous exhibitions in Europe and in his native Georgia, Levan continued postgraduate studies at The National University of Art of Buenos Aires (Argentina). While in Buenos Aires, he curated several shows at The Laguanacazul Art Gallery and was a performer of the experimental theater company Ensamble Caustico.

Recent solo exhibitions include Studies For Unintended Archeology, The Vazquez Building, Brooklyn, NY, 2015, Borderlines, The Lodge Gallery, New York, 2014, Urban Identities, Kunstraub99, Cologne, 2013. Current curatorial projects include Heritage, at The Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2013, and at The RichMix Arts Center, London, 2015. Upcoming exhibitions include Aesthetics of Repair. Fractures within Georgian Contemporary Art, Tartu Art Museum Estonia, 2016, and A Room of One’s Own: An Exhibition, The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York, 2016.



KIOSK is the gallery’s twelfth exhibition. Gallery hours are Friday thru Sunday 1-6 pm, and by appointment.

ODETTA is a Bushwick-based gallery created and run by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan. The gallery exhibits the works of contemporary artists focusing on Color Theory, Minimalism, Glyphs, Buddha Mind, Fluxus, History, Humor, Psychedelia, Ephemera, Science, Math and Music.

**The gallery will be closed for installation November 6-8 and will reopen on November 13, 2015.

Press Contact:

Ellen Hackl Fagan





To get there: Cook Street is bordered between Bogart Street to the north, and Evergreen Street to the south. The Morgan Ave stop on the L train is 3.5 blocks from Cook Street.


OUT OF PLACE group show curated by Etty Yaniv and Fanny Allié

OutofPlace_Levan Mindiashvili copy

Out of Place is a group exhibition co-curated by Fanny Allié and Etty Yaniv,  

featuring artists Alva Calymayor, Andrea Burgay, Eirini Linardaki, Elizabeth Riley, Etty Yaniv, Fanny Allié, Levan Mindiashvili and Robert Seng.

The exhibition will be on view from July 31st – August 10th, 2015 and will open with a reception Friday, July 31st, 2015 from 7-9pm.

We bring to the places we live or visit a set of cultural and psychological preconceptions that affect the way we respond to them. For a long time cultural geographers, anthropologists, sociologists and urban planners have investigated the concept of “sense of place” in an attempt to understand how people develop and act upon connections with different sites. The featured artists in this group exhibition investigate their personal sense of place, each incorporates to varied degrees biographical, ideological and narrative elements by manipulating material and imagery from their immediate environment.

Alva Calymayor uses a visual vocabulary that addresses social issues, perceptions of safety as well as patterns of mass consumption. She keeps track of its manifestations and the trace they leave as they are discarded, repurposed or become no longer functional. Andrea Burgay connects with new locations by collecting discarded and found materials from her surrounding area. Eirini Linardaki works in abandoned urban areas, developing projects based on children’s drawings and dreams in form of in-situ, ephemeral  installations or murals. In her immersive installation work. Elizabeth Riley draws upon urbanism, nothingness, wholeness and loss, the miracle of human connection and the precariousness of human connection. Etty Yaniv blurs the lines between actual and imagined landscapes. Her process of building, taking off, covering and uncovering evokes the feeling of found objects or trash. Each layer documents a particular moment in time. Fanny Allié questions our relationship to our own body, the places we inhabit and the society we belong to, while underlying a strong sense of an ephemeral existence. Levan Mindiashvili explores public and private spaces and their influence on the formation of our identity. He focuses on the idea of ‘home,’ in context of gentrification and displacement. Robert Seng’s carved EXIT Signs are built up by cutting, scraping, and collaging elements of commercial EXIT signs. Throughout his process, Seng is watching their disintegration and transformation into his world view of what is that “safe” place beyond the EXIT.

The exhibit will take place at 172 North 1st St (off Bedford), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

By appointment only.


Levan Mindiashvili Recent Works

Levan Mindiashvili Recent Works contains two main series Levan has being developing for last few years: “Urban Identities” and “Studies for Shared Privacies”. Updated portfolio with some works not exhibited yet.
Texts include a conversation with Elene Kapanadze and Lika Tarkhan-Mouravi (in English) and excerpt from “Urban Identities” by Dr. Wolfgang Till Busse (in German), written for the catalogue of Levan’s first solo show at Kunstraub99, Cologne.

Softcover Paperback: 38 pages
Publisher: Self Published (Blurb, December 1, 2014)
Language: English, German
Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm)


Fountain Art Fair 2014

Levan Mindiashvili Fountain2014

Fountain Art Fair
at The 69th Regiment Armory
(Lexington Ave. & 26th Street) NY

March 7-9, 2014

In Partnership with Art Front

VIP Preview to benefit the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts)



Friday, March 7

12 – 7pm: VIP/Press Preview (Open to the public)

7pm – Midnight: Opening Night Reception

Saturday, March 8

12 – 7pm: Open to the public
7pm – Midnight: Saturday Night Event

Sunday, March 9

12 – 5pm : Open to the Public


purchase tickets here




Yvonne Jaquette, Levan Mindiashvili and New York Cityscapes

The View from Above

John Haber in New York City

Yvonne Jacquette, Levan Mindiashvili, and William Steiger, Rod Penner, Domingo Milella, and Antonio Murado

After all these years, one would think that I should know New York. Yvonne Jacquette and Levan Mindiashvili have other ideas, in lovingly unfamiliar paintings. William Steiger, with a special eye to Brooklyn and Queens, while Rod Penner brings something of the same eye to crossing America. Domingo Milella and Antonio Murado put the problem of retaining a sense of place in global terms, with work that treats expanding cities, cemeteries, and Northern Romanticism on equal terms.

Each approaches common ground from an unusual vantage point, from which it can hardly look stranger or more inviting. They refresh the scene, while also insisting on the perils of objectivity or detachment.They might even suit a city that is always new. For better or for worse, they also in effect turn a painter or a native into a tourist, and you know what tourists are like around the holidays. Still, the realities of vision and urban decay have a way of intruding, as if from last worlds. Is it coincidence that one visitor to New York is from Canada and another from the Republic of Georgia?


Levan Mindiashvili, too, looks to the sky and to the distance. Maybe New York is necessarily remote to an artist from the Republic of Georgia—still living, as the show’s title has it, on “Borderlines.” He sees it at more than one remove, in reflections off the glass of otherwise unseen buildings. The glass imposes a grid on massive old stone, but not that of the older windows themselves, much less abstraction. Working in acrylic, oil pencil, and charcoal, Mindiashvili then adds further color and line for traces of sunlight. Old stone can take on the crispness of commercial architecture or jiggle in its ad hoc mirror.

Here the unfamiliarity is only partly a matter of space, although the corner point of view for the older buildings contrasts with their compression into the grid. It is also a matter of time. One has the past time of the urban history, the present time of vision, and the future time of painting and architecture under construction. Mindiashvili may leave portions of the canvas schematic or empty, like blueprints. The grid belongs at once to another façade, to the picture plane, and to me. But then I am biased, because they are still my New York.

One could dismiss work like this as eye candy—and the conceptual overlay as a fashionable breaking down of genres. And these artists may well ask to rediscover the city as a tourist, without regard for dirty details. Jacquette’s Whitney stands largely apart from the politics of museum expansions, her Hudson Yards apart from gentrification, and her NYU apart from the impact of its growing empire on the neighborhood. Hers is not the gritty waterfront of George Bellows by any means. That kind of cynicism would be a mistake, when painting can hint at that view from above in translating landscape for the city. Who knew that the mirror onto nature would be the side of a building?



full article: here


Yvonne Jacquette ran at D. C. Moore through February 8, 2014, Levan Mindiashvili at Lodge through February 4. Rod Penner ran at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe through November 23, 2013, William Steiger at Margaret Thatcher Projects through December 14, Domingo Milella at Tracy Williams, Ltd. through December 21, and Antonio Murado atvon Lintel through December 7.


BORDERLINES: New Work by Levan Mindiashvili | The Lodge Gallery, NY

Levan Mindiashvili_BORDERLINES_The Lodge Gallery_NY_web

New Work by Levan Mindiashvili

January 14 – February 4, 2014

Reception: Friday, January 17, 7-9 pm

The Lodge Gallery presents the first solo exhibition in the United States of works by Levan Mindiashvili.

Levan Mindiashvili has been making work about urban landscapes that inform our sense of identity and the intimate connections we make with the spaces we inhabit since 2010. In 2003 he graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (Republic of Georgia) and the same year started intensively exhibiting his works in Europe. From 2008 – 2012 he lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he received his MFA from the National University of Art of Buenos Aires

Mindiashvili’s new series, entitled Borderlines, is a study of his reflections on cities as both public and private meeting points. Originally conceived in Buenos Aries, this recent body of work explores the artist’s personal and collective experiences with the architecture and public structures of New York, where he is currently based. It is through his renderings of reflections amongst monumental objects, combined with a uniquely subjective reinterpretation of urban stimulation/inundation, that he reveals his complex and evolving personal relationship with the city.

Borderlines is an investigation into the sediment of his global experience, the invisible realities that have been burned into his subconscious country by country, city by city, block by block. “Generally, architecture most clearly defines and reveals the changes in our contemporary world, in our approaches and common visions,” says Mindiashvili.

His new work depicts distorted, almost abstract fragments of old architecture reflected on new, transparent surfaces or seen through them. “I perceive them as maps of consciousness of the contemporary world with its migrations, gentrification, identity and social issues,” the artist explains, “I want to trigger a dialogue about recent history.” The idea that a personal history is valuable and that the reflected perception of each individual dictates the overall substance and spirit of the larger urban landscape is deeply rooted in his intentions.


The Lodge Gallery, founded by Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele, is located at 131 Chrystie Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It is the exhibition venue of Republic Worldwide and serves as both an art space and a gathering place for hearty discourse and experimentation.


For additional information contact info@thelodgegallery.com or call 917-478-7513