OUT OF PLACE group show curated by Etty Yaniv and Fanny Allié

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Out of Place is a group exhibition co-curated by Fanny Allié and Etty Yaniv,  

featuring artists Alva Calymayor, Andrea Burgay, Eirini Linardaki, Elizabeth Riley, Etty Yaniv, Fanny Allié, Levan Mindiashvili and Robert Seng.

The exhibition will be on view from July 31st – August 10th, 2015 and will open with a reception Friday, July 31st, 2015 from 7-9pm.

We bring to the places we live or visit a set of cultural and psychological preconceptions that affect the way we respond to them. For a long time cultural geographers, anthropologists, sociologists and urban planners have investigated the concept of “sense of place” in an attempt to understand how people develop and act upon connections with different sites. The featured artists in this group exhibition investigate their personal sense of place, each incorporates to varied degrees biographical, ideological and narrative elements by manipulating material and imagery from their immediate environment.

Alva Calymayor uses a visual vocabulary that addresses social issues, perceptions of safety as well as patterns of mass consumption. She keeps track of its manifestations and the trace they leave as they are discarded, repurposed or become no longer functional. Andrea Burgay connects with new locations by collecting discarded and found materials from her surrounding area. Eirini Linardaki works in abandoned urban areas, developing projects based on children’s drawings and dreams in form of in-situ, ephemeral  installations or murals. In her immersive installation work. Elizabeth Riley draws upon urbanism, nothingness, wholeness and loss, the miracle of human connection and the precariousness of human connection. Etty Yaniv blurs the lines between actual and imagined landscapes. Her process of building, taking off, covering and uncovering evokes the feeling of found objects or trash. Each layer documents a particular moment in time. Fanny Allié questions our relationship to our own body, the places we inhabit and the society we belong to, while underlying a strong sense of an ephemeral existence. Levan Mindiashvili explores public and private spaces and their influence on the formation of our identity. He focuses on the idea of ‘home,’ in context of gentrification and displacement. Robert Seng’s carved EXIT Signs are built up by cutting, scraping, and collaging elements of commercial EXIT signs. Throughout his process, Seng is watching their disintegration and transformation into his world view of what is that “safe” place beyond the EXIT.

The exhibit will take place at 172 North 1st St (off Bedford), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

By appointment only.

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