transPOLATION by UTA LEVAN @ |FAT| Fashion Art Toronto

multimedia installation @ |FAT| Toronto Arts & Fashion Week, April 24-28

UTA LEVAN (Uta Bekaia, Levan Mindiashvili) & Cristian Tonhasier

Transpolation explores connection between mankind and the nature in contemporary world; the impact of technology and urban life on human being and its reflection on our planet. It is a futuristic symbiosis of desire to live closer to nature.

cast: Lucia Soto, Adrian Lloret
sound: Nodrex & Kancheli “Frosty Emotions”

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FAT web site

UTA LEVAN web site

Bushwick Open Studios 2012


Levan Mindiashvili, Uta Bekaia and Cristian Tonhaiser: Crossing the Boundaries

a project where various artistic disciplines and experiences meet and dialogue with each other, expanding traditional meanings and territories of them. Mixed media painting and drawing meets with video projections and fashion meets with installation art.
Three artists from different artistic and geographical background (US and Argentina) are exchanging their cultural experiences.
Uta Bekaia – is New York based multimedia artist working in fashion and costume design.
Levan Mindiashvili – multimedia artist and independent curator resides and works in New York and Buenos Aires.
Cristian Tonhaiser – photographer and video artist, based in Buenos Aires, currently producing his works in US.