Selected Press

Biography  | Artist’s Statement

Best Art Exhibits of 2015: The ‘Dear Readers’ Edition, Brooklyn Magazine

Levan Mindiashvili “Urban Intimacies,” by Tata Alkazishvili, IDAAF Magazine

KIOSK and STRUCTURES of Levan Mindiashvili, by Ia Merkviladze, NetGazeti (in Georgian)

Radio Interview with Okropir Rukhadze, for Radio Tavisufleba (in Georgian)

Archeological Suites of Levan Mindiashvili by Ia Merkviladze (in Georgian), NetGazeti

Multimedia Reflections on Georgian Heritage and Identity by Katerina Zherebtsova, Huffington Post, February 11, 2015 (in English)

YVONNE JAQUETTE, LEVAN MINDIASHVILI AND NEW YORK CITYSCAPES, View From Above by John Haber,  for HaberArts (in English)

The Best from #ArmoryWeek by ArtSlant Team

HERITAGE at The National Museum of Georgia by Ellene Kapanadze for Georgian Art Platform, London, UK, (in English)

Tbilisi to Bushwick: Levan Mindiashvili’s search for Identity by Etti Yaniv for ArtsInBushwick (in English)

“Urban Identities” catalogue for the solo show at Kunstraub99, Cologne. text by Dr. Wolfgang-Till Busse. (in German) in production;

For Which It Stands Shows a Range of International Talent in New York, by Etty Yaniv, ArtsInBushwick

“Levan Mindiashvili Intimacies” by Ellene Kapanadze and Lika Tarkhan-Mouravi for Georgian Art Platform, London, UK, (in English)

“Words, objects and Buildings in personal diaries of Levan Mindiashvili” by Khatuna Khabuliani for BTC artArea TV (in Georgian) web version:

Hot Chocolate, April 2013, pg. 50-55 (in Georgian)

Beaumonde Magazine, March 2013, pg. 90-93 (in Georgian)

Tbilisi Week, #5, 2013 (in Russian)

Argumenti i Fakti, #7, 2013 (in Russian)

Telma #3, 2011, pg. 10-12 (in Spanish & in English)

Tbiliselebi #43, 2011, pg. 82-83 (in Georgian)

WOOF Magazine # 13, 2010 (Brasil)

Telma #1, 2010, pg. 10-12 (in Spanish & in English)

Studija, #58, February/March 2008, pg. 51 (in Latvian)

WOOF Magazine # 12, 2009 (Brasil)

Beat Magazine # 7, 2009 (Georgia)

Garçons #3 (Chile, cover and photographs), 2009

Beat Magazine # 6, 2009 (Georgia),

Anabechdi, April issue 2008 (Georgia)

Hot Chocolate #40, 2008 (in Georgian)

Hot Chocolate # 38 2008 (in Georgian)

Anabechdi, Spring issue 2007 (in Gergian)

Figurative Art Studio by Anna Kordzaia Samadashvili, Hot Chocolate #38, 2005: (in Georgian)

KL zeitschrift für aktuelle Kunst und Literature, Oktobr-Dezember, 2004 by Ines Gugulaschwili, pg. 12-13, (in German)

ART Profil #10, 2004, by Dr. Helmut Orpel. pg. 16-18, (in German)

Four at the Crossroad by Dr. Dimitri Thumanishvili, in New Epoque, April 2003, (in Georgian)

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