Best Art Exhibits of 2015: The ‘Dear Readers’ Edition | BROOKLYN MAGAZINE


by Paul D’Agostino

It’s already the time of year for far more ‘best of’ lists than the Internet already produces in other months, and we here at Brooklyn Magazine are looking hollily, jollily forward to dropping a number of them on you in the coming weeks. Because we love thinking about them. And we love compiling them. And we love sharing them.

And because we know that you, Dear Readers, love them every bit as much as we do. You do, you know it. You really do. (Right? Great!)

Well, since you love them so much, and since it’s also perhaps a bit early for such lists to start really inundating your social media feeds, we thought it would be inclusively fun and timely to ask a big group of Dear Readers to chime in—prior to the proper deluge—regarding their favorite art exhibitions of 2015, in Brooklyn and beyond.

So here are lots of great picks and occasional descriptions from a splendid group of mostly Brooklyn-based artists, writers and curators.

It’s like an early holiday gift.



Keith Schweitzer
Lina Puerta, “Traces,” at Jack Geary Contemporary
Linda Cunningham and Levan Mindiashvili, “Kiosk,” at Odetta Gallery
Elizabeth Livingston, “Night Fell,” at The Lodge Gallery
Ann Agee, “Domestic Translations,” at P•P•O•W
Jim Shaw, “The End is Here,” at New Museum
Zimoun, “[KE]³,” at Knockdown Center


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