Arts In Bushwick reviews “For Which It Stands” at The Lodge Gallery

 For Which It Stands Shows a Range of International Talent in New York 

by Etty Yaniv

[…] “Born in Georgia, Levan Mindiashvili currently resides in Bushwick. In his “Urban Identities,” a monochromatic drawing on transparent rice paper mounted on canvas, the artist creates a rich and subtle surface, which evokes the tactility of human skin. The sparse imagery depicts fragments of buildings and traces of architectural details such as scattered tiny dark windows, revealing an introspective gaze into the delicate fabric of memory. On the top right, Mindiashvili, with a typical diaristic impulse, includes text; in this case, a shipping document that references his voyage from Buenos Aires, where he had stayed for several years, to Brooklyn, where he settled. With sensitive lines, rich tactility and careful use of space, the artist effectively translates his self-reflective state of mind into a visual poem.” […]

Levan Mindiashvili
Photo by Etty Yaniv
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